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Expedition: Tranquility

by Deborah Davis

Released 2007
Released 2007
A collection of easy-listening, spiritual, classical, popular and broadway piano solos recommended for dinner entertainment or for relaxing soothing enjoyment.
Being one of six children living on a dairy farm in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one-on-one adult experiences were extremely memorable for a five year old. The most outstanding ones were with Aunt Dot, who was the kindest, sweetest, most considerate person I had ever remembered. She was also my kindergarten teacher and to me was larger than life and was beautiful and petite. For $1.00 a lesson my parents paid for a most wonderful gift, the pleasure of producing music.

At that age, a physical injury resulted in embarrassing personal issues and socialization concerns. The piano became my friend and Aunt Dot was always kind, patient, compassionate and gentle. At the Lutheran parochial school, lessons continued for three years. It was flattering to be asked to play hymns in class which I had learned at home which created a sense of accomplishment. No lessons were given after moving away from the area for a year and then when we moved back, Aunt Dot had moved out of the area so a new teacher was found. This resulted in two more years of lessons and a piano recital. Playing for Sunday school became a regular occurrence. Mrs. Rymer suggested that music education continue at the university but apparently finances did no allow that to happen.

Lessons stopped but the unrecognized passion did not. Occasionally, at random times Dad would join in on his bass fiddle and left a lasting impression as to the importance of the bass in the total performance of music. Other activities, besides playing for a church retreat, soon took over and the passion was just set aside for a while.

Singing in the church choir as a teen-ager further nurtured the joy of music. The choice to become a registered nurse resulted in studying and working and there was little time for anything else but my roommate asked me to play at her wedding reception! What a pleasure!

Shortly after completing my diploma, one of my first purchases was a Baldwin upright French provincial piano knowing someday it would play a major role in my life. The desire and joy for music was always there to be nurtured and re-kindled at the earliest possible opportunity.

Years later, in Florence, Alabama, singing with the “Mother-singers” created another stepping stone and singing with the Air Force wives in a group called the “Skylarks” was exhilarating. As the need arose was asked to accompany on the piano but seemed to be more valued for singing abilities at the time.

The next Air Force move landed us in San Antonio where time allowed for practice and the children were given lessons. Exploration of new music never before played renewed the passion in-between life’s demands.

The Baldwin piano was moved to Prattville, Alabama along with its family in 1994 where it was tuned for the first time. What an amazing, unbelievably awesome sound it had! Playing for a local off-Broadway pre-entertainment show was gratifying after weeks of practice.

With the onset of the internet, music became more accessible and available with the hope of writing original songs one day but the music already composed is inspiring and truly remarkable! The works of the composers were spiritually uplifting and moving beyond words! I cannot wait to do another CD!

Thanks to my husband for his technical, financial, emotional support and friendship! Thanks also to the recording company for their expertise and quiet confidence! Thanks to my parents for piano lessons and encouragement. Hopefully, the CDs will inspire other fifty- something people to go for their dreams! This truly was a dream for me!