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Deborah Meyer Davis - Owner/artist

DD Sounds

Deborah Meyer Davis was born in Tennessee to a very musically inclined family where father played the bass and mother occasionally played the piano.  The weekly trip to Sunday school and church included singing Lutheran hymns and singing "Jesus Loves Me" along with two sisters and brother Ernie. all born within four years. Brother Ken came along a few years later and brother Alex was the caboose.  The farm house overlooked a pasture and dairy cattle could be seen from the "huge" picture window in the dining room, a serene and inspiring sight.  In the "huge" living room stood her grandmother's piano, who had passed away before her birth.  The piano was "huge' at four years of age but so intriguing. 


At five years of age Deborah and her family moved away from the farm and into a larger house.  There were woods to explore, hills to tumble down and snowy slopes to descend in the Winter.  The apple, fig and persimmon trees provided delicious nourishment during playful afternoons leaving awesome, inspirational experiences and an appreciation of God's amazing, glorious world.  Piano lessons also began at five years of age by Aunt Dot who was pretty, patient, petite and pleasant and had a propensity for purpose........practicing was placid and peaceful and in third grade Deborah was asked to play the piano for the Lutheran hymns in religion class while classmates sang. Shortly afterward she was playing for the Sunday school weekly. 


So. she moved to the "prayed-for" new house with much more space in 1968.  Piano lessons were on hold but musical experiences with First Lutheran church continued by singing in the choir. High school times also included babysitting for families such as the Wamps, Pfitzers, Sinors, Matthews, Rucks and the Canons. Making clothes to wear to school occupied much time as well as studying.  The part-time job at a fabric shop sparked the creativity for one-of-kind clothing. She was flattered to sew a wedding gown for a customer and only charged $10.00.  Whew!  Times have changed. Dates with local high school guys was a high-light. There was Tom, Steve, Lee, Sam and especially Don, the son of the previous high school coach. We were chauffeured by him to a school dance in his new blue LTD, given to him by the city. What a proud feeling! Even though it was his family directed relationship, it became a life-long cherished, inspirational and nurturing memory.  Being elected "Miss East Ridge" was definitely a confidence  booster.